There is a myriad of online retail stores these days due to the popularity of online shopping. You can purchase anything online from furniture to groceries. And there are multiple retailers selling the same things online thus there is a lot of competition.

Most websites want to increase their business conversion rate so that they can stay in business and become successful. Web traffic does not always translate into sales and thus it is vital that online retailers ensure ways to increase their business conversion rate.

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Here are some sure fire ways to increase your business conversion rate:

1. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Research has shown time and again how important a social media presence is for businesses. Most serious shoppers review the social media presence of a company before they go to the actual website to purchase something. Thus it is imperative for a company to have their Twitter and Facebook accounts at the very least. Most customers will first visit the social media page of an online retailer to see how credible the site is and read some reviews about them. You can even put promotional material as a marketing tool to attract the customers to the website. This will help in increasing your business conversion rate.

2. Increase Your Google Ranking

When an online retailer has a good ranking on Google, they seem more credible to potential customers. There are many ways you can increase your Google ranking so that when people search for certain terms on Google’s search engine which relate to what your sell, your website pops up on top. This increases the likelihood of more customers buying from your website. Applying SEO techniques into your website can help increase your ranking.

3. Product Recommendations

You need to ensure that you set algorithms on you website which are most beneficial to you. When a customer looks at certain product, there should be a few recommendations made automatically to them according to what they are viewing. This increases the chances of a buyer purchasing something. When a customer may not like a product or find it unsuitable for their needs, they can have a choice of other similar products which they can consider instead. This will help increase your business conversion rate.

4. Increase Your Payment Options

When a customer has multiple payment option to choose from at checkout; they are more likely to purchase the product instead of abandoning the cart. The more options you give, the more likely that your customers may have one of those and choose it. Make sure the payment option is secure and you have state of the art security for your payment options so your customers feel safe when paying. Identity theft and credit card fraud is a very serious issue these days thus you need to ensure your customers feel safe when paying. This will definitely help in increasing your business conversion rate.

5. Detailed Product Descriptions

When a potential customer is look at an item which is of their interest, they scrutinize the product description. When someone is going to buy something online, they want to know as much as they can about the product so they can make an informed decision. Since they cannot physically examine the product, they need a precise product description and pictures of the product from all angles. When they see the in-depth description and pictures from all angles they will feel satisfied and will be more likely to order from your website.

All these ways will help in increasing your website’s business conversion rate.