For a new e-commerce site, you need to start strong if it is to survive the cutthroat industry of online business. Here are a few tips you can use to hit the ground running when optimizing the conversion rate for your new site.

Understand your business

Before embarking on a CRO campaign, you must first understand your business. Different business niches face different kinds of challenges in the online market. Therefore, they require different CRO strategies. An e-commerce funnel can help you understand your business and help you develop an optimization strategy that works. You will also be able to anticipate and tackle challenges you are likely to face when implementing conversion rate optimization.

Set your business objectives

You need to know where your conversion rate stands and have a goal that you want to achieve. You cannot start a CRO campaign before having conversions and measuring them. After that, you can formulate a plan for your CRO. This plan consists of –

–    Objectives

–    Goals

–    Key performance indicators (KPIs)

–    Targets

Start small

For a new e-commerce business, you will do well to keep your CRO initiatives small. This way, you can learn what tactics work, and you will not have to depend on outside support. For example, you can start testing small inconsequential changes then progressing to the important ones.

Expand KPIs

Key performance indicators are the analytics that let you know how close you are to reaching your business goals. A conversion rate is one of the most important KPIs in helping you come up with a marketing strategy. Although KPIs will not give you the reason for leaks along the conversion funnel, they will tell you if your optimization efforts are bearing any fruits.

Know your tools and tactics

Tools are as important as tactics. You may have a valid strategy for your CRO campaign but end up failing in your efforts if you do not have the right tools for the job. When establishing a new e-commerce site, you will do well to choose the right tools from the start.

Monitor the impact

Evaluating your progress includes comparing your achievements against your KPIs. It will help you determine if your strategies are going according to plan or not. You can discover the obstacles hindering you from achieving the goals you have set and be able to root them out early enough. The trick to starting strong if you are running a new e-commerce website is to have regular monitoring. This allows you to solve problems as they occur, revise your plans and change strategy if it is not working out.